“The best proof of love is trust.”

~Joyce Brothers

Tried to recreate what I wrote this morning, but that was earlier and a million things have happened since.

An old friend called me up last night and we talked for nearly two hours catching up. She is my rock and has been for over 20 years. Everyone needs a friend like that.

Another good friend emailed me wanting to know if I wanted to attend a concert locally the end of September. Haven’t been to a concert in forever. So if she can get the tickets I may go with her and two other girls from the same group. We always have fun together.

Another friend has Loreena McKennitt tickets in October and if her boyfriend bows out then I get to go. But, if I were him, I reallllly wouldn’t do that. If he does – can you say Dead Meat?

I am truly blessed to have the friends that I do. The best kind of friend is one that you can tell anything to and they listen, do not judge, and still love you. And have the best time when together.

Got a Jury Duty Summons this week! I would really like to blame it on Brenda since I recently mentioned that I have never received one before and she threatened to turn my name in, but I know it doesn’t work that way.

Or at least I don’t think it does. :doze:

Brenda? Did you?

If you did…one word to you…MySpace. :twisted:


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6 Responses to “gone, gone, gone…”

Brenda Says:

Hey, can you say, Karma? Even my neighbor got called up. That makes 3 people I know all going the same week. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the news to see what crimes have been going on so I can say I’m alread prejudiced!! Doubt that will work though.

Wish I could go to the Loreena McKennet concert, but budget won’t allow for it–being poor stinks! At least I can afford her CD’s and listen to her any time I want to.

Denise ~ Says:

:hiding: Brenda . . . :hiding: You think she REALLY thinks we won’t????

Denise ~ Says:

DH is passed out asleep at the moment–I tried to get him to let me make chicken noodle soup but he’s bing a BIG OLE BABY!!

Michelle Says:

Well. He totally WILL be Dead Meat.

Michelle Says:

PS You need to change your mood, GIRL!

Sandy Says:

Michelle: Is this better? Especially since I am supposed to writing this weekend. :typing: :page:

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