“To me faith means not worrying.”

~John Dewey

…yes, I have been drug into the MySpace craze kicking and screaming by my friends. Last weekend, after being appalled at me not having one, they put one up for me.

Me being me – knowing that people may actually see the thing – worked until 1:00 am last night to get it just right. I haven’t still figured out the purpose of a MySpace page, but have figured out that it gets totally addicting.

And it helps the time go by.

Check it out here.

Saturday, Brenda and I braved the mall. I think she is still in shock as she normally only treks out there on a week day. This weekend it was overrun by preteen girls. In the stores, in the food court, hogging the counters at the Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory. While standing in the looooong line in the restroom, Brenda mentioned quite loudly how she thought that Justin Timberlake had just walked in the mall entrance nearest the bathroom.

I am not sure any fell for it, but the line did get a little shorter.

Tomorrow have a huge presentation. Wish me luck and think of me.


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Denise ~ Says:

bwwaaahhhhhhhhhhh :twisted: bwwaahhhhhhhhhhh :twisted: bwwaahhhhhhhhhh

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