“I’m not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You’re as old as you feel.”

~Henri Frederick Amiel

I have the cutest neighbors across the street. They have been so kind and so willing to help in any way they can. For grins, let’s just call them Mazzie and George. Mazzie is all of four feet tall, has a thick accent of some sort, and is just adorable. It is fun to watch her giggle at everything George, her husband of a million years, says and does.

I had just walked in from work when the door bell rang. It was Mazzie wiping her hands on her apron with such a worried look on her face. She proceeded to tell me how she and George noticed around 10:30 that my garage door was up!

I never leave my garage door up. I always watch it go down before driving out of the driveway. I know I did this morning. I. know. I. did.

After much debate, they decided the best thing to do was come over and close it for me. I can just picture them holding hands as they sauntered across the street, nothing but the mission on their mind.

The garage is a fairly deep one. And the button to close the automatic garage door opener is located at the opposite end of the garage. So it is a loooong way from the button to the garage door.

George was first up.

He pushed the button and ran to duck under the door but couldn’t quite make it. He tried again. And again. Finally, he had to rest, Mazzie explained, and she was quite worried the way he was breathing so hard.

She thought a moment and decided that since she was so much smaller, she had to be faster so she convinced him to let her try. She tried three times, but never could make it to the door before being cut off each time. It wasn’t long before she was resting next to George.

While they were leaning against house catching their breaths, George spied a long 2 x 4 piece of wood lying in the garage so he got an idea. Armed with the wood, he punched the button with the end of it and being closer to the door that way, he didn’t have quite so far to run to slide under before the door closed.

Mazzie got more and more animated as she told me the story. She was so proud. She actually clapped her hands and the smile on her face was priceless.

I felt horrible. Can you imagine me coming home with two sweet little old people collapsed on my driveway?

There was no way I was going to rain on her parade though. I thanked her perfusely and made a big deal of what wonderful good samaritans and neighbors they were.

But I did give her my numbers to call should it ever happen again. Now I just need to think of some nice gift to bring them to show my appreciation.


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5 Responses to “geriatric olympics…”

Denise ~ Says:

Did you put the new battery in backwards *ducking* :hiding:

I can just picture it, “Mother, I’m gonna try again….” door shuts. “Dagnabbit. . . .” door opens. “Again.” door etc LOL! :rotfl:

Brenda Says:

Birthday girl, you’ve been a little distracted lately, so it’s just possible the blonde in you forgot–yeah, yeah, I know, you aren’t blonde any more, but you were for so long, it takes a while for all that ditsyness to go away.

Example: long telephone conversations where I am telling you the funnist story in the whole world and all I get is silence and then a “huh??” FOCUS!

Sandy Says:

Denise: Nope, didn’t put the battery in backwards!!!!! But smart that you asked me, LOL! And I can just picture it also and it makes me laugh.

Brenda: Sorry ’bout that! What were you saying? You’ll have to start the story all over again.

Denise ~ Says:

and you were doing soooooo good keeping up on your blog

for shame :no: for shame :no: for shame :no:

Denise ~ Says:

you know I loves ya! :yes: :mrgreen: :guitar: :cowboy: :rockon: :typing:

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