“Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.”


…was wonderful!

But what truly happens at the retreat STAYS at the retreat! Right, Girls?

No mention of black lace panties (not me, but some one else we all know and love)!

And no mention of margaritas, hot tubs, 2:00 am laugh sessions, wine and cheese party, oodles of chocolate, wonderful speakers, lasagne to die for, fantastic gifts from the hostess, hunky guy card decks, yummy cheesecake and brownies, killer bunnies…

Nope, what happened at the retreat STAYS at the retreat.

Thanks to Carolyn whose hard work is appreciated by all of us!


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4 Responses to “the retreat…”

Brenda Says:

Don’t forget orange juice can hair rollers and fortune tellers. It was a great retreat–I have the puffy eyes to prove it.

Denise ~ Says:

Hey, I figure we didn’t make a mass exidous to the tattoo parlor as was threatened a few times . . . so we’re good :hyper:

Denise ~ Says:

and hey . . . leave my panties out of this! :wink:

Sandy Says:

Brenda: You’ll always have fun when Denise, Geri, and I are around!

Denise: There is only one thing I would tattoo on me and I’m not telling what that would be!!

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