“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”

~Harvey Fierstein

…makes you stronger!

Last week started out with a few minor irritations but then churned into full blown exasperation!

1. Washed the car. It rained.

2. Misplaced cell phone. Cell phone in silent mode.

3. Wrote two blogs. Server didn’t publish them.

4. Unable to access blog or website. Unable to receive/send emails. :shock:

5. Worked hard on very important presentation for work. Skipped lunch. Missed another important meeting to prepare. A short time before presentation due, was told that it wouldn’t be needed during the meeting.

6. Had two episodes at work that ended up in closed door meetings with my bosses.

7. Saturday morning car wouldn’t start. Got neighbor to jump start it. While he was kind enough to do perform this service, his wife returns home and sees their garage door open, house unlocked, yard tools spread out all over the lawn and assumes something horrible has happened. She runs into the street screaming his name. The cute, little old neighbors that watch over the neighborhood (see story here) come running out of their house and, seeing me in the garage with said kind neighbor, yells “Saaannndddyyyy? It’s Saanndyy! Something is wrong with Sandy!!!” Caused a commotion I didn’t need. :oops:

Car started. Wife consoled. Elderly neighbor’s blood pressure back to normal. My stress level, however, through the roof.

8. $210.00 worth of battery replaced. But car needs a new starter. Refuse to pay the $400.00 for new starter since have the extended warranty. But can’t get car until Monday.

9. Denise has just the right therapy. Trip to mall.

But thanks to good friends, good neighbors, good bosses, extended warranties, trouble tickets to server, car rental places opened on Sunday, and White Zinfindel – all is well now.

This pumpkin carving somehow just says it all:


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3 Responses to “what doesn’t kill you…”

Nancy Says:

:juggle: Keep on juggling things and you’ll be okay! A glass of wine can cure anything! :yes:

Denise ~ Says:

I do what I can . . . . . . . . :wink:

Michelle Says:

LOL Shopping and wine can cure ANYTHING. :yes:

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