Devon of Ink in My Coffee has come up with a unique challenge. It is called the Ink in My Coffee Blog Calling Card Invite. Visit 5 different and new blogs and if you like them, leave a comment and then mention them in your blog.

It was fun visiting new blogsites and here are the five blogs I visited:

1. Ramblings of a Suburban Soccer Mom – Hilarious story of Calamari Salads and three children. Found the link through Ink in My Coffee and Ye Olde Inkwell.

2. Castle in the Cloud – A scrapbooker like me! Found her link through Freedom from the Mundane

3. Bloggin’ – We both have a muse that drinks wine. Followed her link from Ramblings of a Suburban Soccer Mom

4. Suzanne McMinn’s blog – Loved the story My Three Slaves! Found her blog link from CeCe’s Big Mouth.

5. Jill Shalvis’ blog – She is on vacation at the present moment, but has some hilarious stories about animals. Read the one about pigeons and cheetos! Found this link from Ye Olde Inkwell

This was a lot of fun and thanks, Devon, for the great idea!

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6 Responses to “Calling Card Challenge”

Mik Says:

RE: the Cheetos entry – I was laughing so hard I wept. I love her blog. :)

Devon Ellington Says:

You’re welcome — it’s fun to meet “friends of links” — or is it “links of links?”

Cece Says:

Going to do this later today I swear. :yes:

Cece Says:

and I want this :wave:

Suzanne Says:

What a neat idea! And thanks for the mention!! :grin:

Jill Says:

Hey, I’m back, and thanks so much for the mention!

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