“Don’t let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest.”


…my favorite weather…my favorite time of year!

Got some rain on Monday, but so far the rest of the week has been just wonderful. Cool days with lots of clear sunshine. Cooler nights that have you snuggling deep into the blankets and hitting the snooze button a time or two in the morning.

Halloween is next week and Thanksgiving right around the corner. And with Christmas on its heels! OMGaw! It was just the holidays a few weeks ago.

Wasn’t it?

Got my pumpkins and scarecrows ready and will stock up on candy in a day or so. I heard the neighborhood is big on halloween night here and need to get ready for the masses. There is evidently a huge block party here to celebrate.

I have sons. Each one is going through some trials. But when I tell them I worry about them, they always tell me not to, that they will be alright, that it is just part of life.

Makes me feel good knowing they are grown and they realize that, although life is tough, tomorrow is always a chance for a better day. Sometimes we don’t think so, but like the Texas weather… just wait a minute. It will change.

Today, after running some errands, I headed back to work and decided to run through KFC to grab a grilled chicken sandwich. The drive through line was loooong so I parked thinking going inside would be quicker.

Can you believe the door was locked?

No sign on the door. No explanation.

Guess that is why the line was so long.

Just rambling tonight. Went and had a pedicure after work (why are those so relaxing and wonderful?) and then came home and watched Criminal Minds and CSI New York. Nothing exciting or earth shattering at the moment. And, after last week, that can be a good thing.

This one is creative:


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2 Responses to “ahhhh…”

Brenda Says:

Hey, that pumpkin looks like me in the morning before coffee. I’m never sure how many kids will show up for Halloween. Some of the kids have no idea what turning the porch light off means. When I run out of candy, they are still beating on the door. That’s when they wind up with the stuff left over from last year. :eyes:

Colin Says:

Hi Sandy!

Just dropping by to say hi. I hadn’t read your blog in a while and thought I would indulge myself.

Cheers! :thumbsup:

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