“Without courage you cannot practice any of the other virtues.”

~Maya Angelou

…but busy.

Nothing much to report. Have been working at one of the medical offices this week training and orientating one of our new hires as there is no one available to do it. She is good and experienced and it won’t take much longer to get her on her own. It has been good for me to get back out in the field and keep up with my skills. And get the pulse on what is happening out there as opposed to admin duties and teaching.

Other than that…nothing much.

Have done some writing but very little. Someone very near and dear steered me in a direction that I didn’t see before and will make a great difference in the story. Stay tuned. I WILL get this story finished.

Have a great Friday!!!!


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2 Responses to “booorring….”

Bailey Stewart Says:

I hope you have a good weekend too.

And we won’t talk about writing …

sandy s Says:

I know you’ll finish this story…have a good weekend.:book:

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