“Every work of art is an uncommitted crime..”

~Theodor Adorno

…a serial killer?

What are they thinking out there?

Last night, I watched the beginning of a new series called “Dexter”. Yes, I had seen the previews. Yes, I knew it was about a serial killer. Yes, I didn’t have to watch.

But, as a writer, curiousity got the best of me and I wanted to see who/what/how they could pull it off.

Talk about dark and gritty! Talk about warped!

The ‘hero’, if you call him that…in fact, let’s don’t…let’s just say main character… is a serial killer.

Started out killing animals as a child. He was a foster/adopted child whose foster/adoptive dad was a cop. Dexter cannot remember anything about his life before being adopted. When the cop/dad discovered his son’s propensity for this atrocity…the dad puts him to ‘work’. After all, there are people out there who are evil and society needs to be rid of. So he lets his son satisfy his urgings by killing only the ones that deserve it.

Other serial killers.

Do I detect a tad bit of irony here?

The adult Dexter works in forensics, specializing in blood splatters. Why? Because blood is his hot button. What turns him on. What excites him. In fact, as most serial killers do, he keeps trophies of his ‘victims’. Blood samples between glass lab slides in a locked boxed in his locked home.

They say if man can find something he loves to do and make money at it, then man is blessed.

I’d say Dexter is a very blessed man.

This week’s show ended ‘to be continued’ with a serial killer breaking into Dexter’s home and leaving a ‘surprise’.

And, what is sad is that I discovered I have a morbid sense of curiosity. You know…it is a train wreck and you can’t look away type thing. Do I watch next week to find out how, or if, it ends? Or do I not watch, therefore not endorse, a show that sends the wrong signal by sanctioning a serial killer as a hero?

As a compassionate caregiver, a mother of sons, a human being.. then I say absoutely not.

As a writer, I ask… why I didn’t think of that.


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2 Responses to “romanticizing???”

Brenda Says:

I know you don’t watch much TV, but Dexter has been on cable and from what I hear, it’s a lot worse. You saw the cleaned up version.

sandy s Says:

I’d switch to Idol.:rotfl:
Not sure I could watch a show that would make me depressed.

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