“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo daVinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.”

~H. Jackson Brown


A frost hit North Texas last night and it had to be my fault. All because I planted flowers. Just like when I wash my car – it rains. If you are needing a weather catastrophe, just email me. I can fix ya up.

But the fragile flowers weathered through and are no worse for it. Just a few blooms to pinch (ouch!) and they will be good as new.

Last week, I got the bright idea of borrowing a friend of mine’s salad shredder. It is really a neat gadget I saw advertised and decided to try one out.

The guy demonstrating how to use one, made this fantastic salad using an interesting array of veggies, so I thought…I can do that. I LOVE salads.

Just throw in some green cabbage, some red cabbage, a zuccini, a yellow squash, half a cucumber, and two carrots later….I looked in the bowl and there must have been a full gallon of salad food in there!

What in the name of Peter Rabbit am I going to do with an ark full of shredded veggies???

But, I must admit, it is good. And so pretty with all the different colors.

I know, I know, I am easily entertained.

Tonight, I cooked steak, some carmelized mushrooms and, of course, the salad, and… dinner rocked!

I have found a new author. Her name is Rachel Caine and I am reading the first in her Morganville Vampire series and it is very hard to put down. It is a Young Adult novel and is an inspiration to me in writing my Young Adult. I am not writing about vampires, but I love the way she puts a story together. The other day, I was thinking hard about where I really fit in this crazy world of storytelling and was vacillating back and forth “should I or shouldn’t I” constantly fretting if I was where I should be. Then, out of the blue, Lynn, a friend and fellow Rosebud, mentioned Rachel’s works and thought I would enjoy her series. I picked up Glass Houses and was hooked right away. Soon, I felt that old familiar, nagging feeling that I was on the right track in my writing.

Sort of like Bill Engvall’s “here’s your sign!”

Have a good Tuesday!


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One Response to “but it is supposed to be…”

Denise ~ Says:

Sort of like Bill Engvall’s “here’s your sign!”

snort! :mrgreen:

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