After a long week of work and 100 degree days, I actually feel refreshed today and looking forward to the weekend. TGIF, double thank you to God!

Okay, goals for the weekend:

1. Back on weight watchers! Seriously!

2. BOD proposed budget meeting for our RWA group.

3. President’s column due for chapter newsletter or editor will :whip: But I hear Mik is having a rough weekend so maybe she won’t notice it is late :wink: (again!)

4. Work on prologue and start Chapter One. Thanks to dear friend who told me in an honest critique that it still needed work. We brainstormed several hours last night and she gave me some great ideas! I appreciate her honesty and wanting me to succeed as much as she wants for herself! I am actually even more excited about the changes!

5. Starbucks date with DH and no more 10 point frappacino’s! Back to non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte.

6. After church on Sunday, eat at the restaurant my youngest son works and make him wait on me for a change :thumbsup:

7. Maybe if I am real good I can find a minute to scrapbook.

Not too bad for a weekend plan.

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7 Responses to “”

Mik Says:

Ha! Yeah, super busy this weekend, but I will mnaged to squeeze in some time (hopefully) for the newsletter. :wink:

Sandy Says:

Oops! Better get to work then! :oops:

Suzanne Says:

Good luck with your weekend goals, Sandy! I need to steal a couple of those goals for me…. Especially the one about getting back to my weight loss plan. I’ve been slacking.

Colin Says:

Hope your weekend goals all worked out just the way you wanted!! :grin:

cece Says:

Good luck Sandy!! Esp on the getting waited on (sigh). FOUR More days and it’s a long weekend and it’s not MY WEEKEND :rotfl:

Sandy Says:

Some of it went better than I’d hoped and some didn’t see the light of day! But tomorrow is another day…

CeCe: I understand and can relate more than you realize. Hope you take advantage of it and :banana: all weekend!

Cece Says:

I am holing up for 2 days and writing. Too bad I dont know what I’m going to work on :eyes:

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