“Reason is our soul’s left hand, faith her right.”

~John Dunne

I haven’t been to the island of Galveston, Texas for years and had the opportunity to spend a long weekend on the Gulf Coast of Texas with Galveston being the primary stop. The road trip in itself was so much fun thanks to some wonderful people. During the trip, we ate enough seafood to supply iodine for a small city and I highly recommend Willie G’s on Pier 21 for their gumbo. I haven’t had Shrimp Gumbo that good since the last time my sweet grandmother made it and she always made the best. I miss her and her gumbo.

We visited Moody Gardens and toured the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. In quiet reverence, it told the heartbreaking events of April 14, 1912 aboard the RMS Titanic. As you gazed upon the different items brought up 12,500 feet from the bottom of ocean floor, it was amazing to realize that someone actually held, wore, or used it as they while traveling on the ‘ship of dreams’. It brings home the fact that life is fragile, life is precious and to enjoy every minute of it.

Galveston has changed so much in the ten years I last visited. They have added so much sand in certain places to supply a ‘beach’ for the sand and sea worshippers, that in some places, the seawall is no longer seventeen feet high. But Seawall Boulevard is so much more now than the tiny tourist shops renting rafts, surf boards, and seashells.

We walked the beach about 10:00 pm one night and we stopped to gaze at the stars. The sky appeared huge with the stars twinkling on a black background. Beautiful! We were enjoying the feel of the waves rushing over our feet and the sand’s sucking motion when the waves receeded until I felt something moving under my foot.

I glanced down and there was a big ass, foot long, white, fang nashing, neon (Trust me, it WAS glowing in the dark!) snake trying to burrow under my left foot. Needless to say, I screamed, everyone else screamed (probably including the big ass snake before it disappeared in the sand) and I almost killed myself and everyone else trying to get traction in the sand to hoof it out of there.

Definitely ruins a romantic evening.

Willie G’s seafood restaurant. GREAT shrimp gumbo. As good as my grandmother’s was.

Love cruises!!

This is downtown Galveston. They call it The Strand and it is filled with wonderful shops and eating places.

Found a fantastic shoe store on The Strand called Footsies. Bought a darling pair of flip flops called ‘switch flops’ that you can change out the straps to change the look. I love mine!

An old fashion ice cream/candy store

Looking out from Moody Gardens at the paddleboat in Galveston Bay.

Ocean was very rough the first couple of days there.

Is it? Could it be?


After the snake episode, this little fellow looks harmless.

Mine? Mine? Mine? (You won’t understand unless you have seen ‘Finding Nemo”.)

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

The Pyramids in the distance houses the museum that has the Titanic Artifacts exhibit, Fabulous and very touching!

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

View of Pelican Island off the Galveston Ferry

Battleship on Pelican Island

Seagull on the ferry. He stayed there throughout the whole ride.


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5 Responses to “seagulls, sight seeing, and snakes…”

Brenda C Says:

Hoped you slathered on the sun screen. That cruise ship look so tempting–lucky dog!

I think (I’m no expert) that poor little white thingy was a sea cucumber. Totally harmless and scared to death of you. It’s the colorful big baloons on the beach you have to watch for–stinging jelly fish! I ran up on what I thought was a glass float–NOT!
I was just lucky I didn’t step on the thing.

I clicked on your current reading and it went to a list of bone cancer sites. Very odd!

Denise ~ Says:

Holy cow those are cool pics–I want your camera!

I can just see the lot of you scream…poor snake was probably thinking “girls–shhhhhhheshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” :rotfl:

Sandy Says:

Hey, girlfriend! I know the difference between a cucumber and a snake! One I eat and the other I do not!

And it was four feet long, had three eyes, fangs two inches long, red eyes…

Brenda C Says:

Right! You’ve been reading too many fantasy books. It’s hard to be afraid of an animal named for a vegetable. Knowing you, you didn’t stay there long enough to examine it’s eyes. You were doing the Sandy sprint across the beach.

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