“First you jump off the cliff and then build your wings on the way down.”

~Ray Bradbury

I realized something last night. 5400 plus words written (I forgot to look and change the meter this morning), I think I found the REAL beginning of my story. Where the REAL action starts. Where the REAL me wants to chunk all I have written and begin again.

But I will not do that. Not this time. Not only will MY cheering squad kill me – GW has his own (waving at you guys and you know who you are) – but I have realized that everyone goes through this and it is easily taken care of during revisions. And revisions. And more revisions.

I’m actually looking forward to taking this bare bones story and fleshing it out and layering it to make it whole. But first….I have to finish it. And I am excited to see where it is going to go.

Um…I also realized that, in my haste, when I placed the bet with GW, he doesn’t have to DO anything to win. I have to fail.

Dream on, Babe! Not happening!

Looking forward to the weekend!

Happy Friday the 13th!


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3 Responses to “where is the beginning?…”

Michelle Miles Says:

Don’t you dare throw that out!!

You better be writing tonight. :)

Denise ~ Says:

I have to fail. or succeed… you WILL win (’cause I wanna play w/ the Kindle) … LOL :-)

Brenda Says:

How many “starts” do you have. Just keep going.
Oh, in regard to the previous posting—get rid of those sticky traps and go with the old fashioned ones. You don’t want to see the torment those sticky ones cause. It’s horrible.

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