“Your memory bank is richer than you think. Just begin writing and your words will prove it.”

Paul Raymond Martin’s ~Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…wherefore art thou?

Not sure where my motivation for writing has gone. I used to live, eat, and breathe it.

Could be the trying times of the last two years. Could be the hours I put in at work at a much more demanding, high pressure job now. Could be that I stopped writing regularly enough and have lost my mojo (is that really a word?).

Could be a lot of things.

But to quote my favorite line in ‘A League of Their Own’ – There is no crying in baseball (writing)!

So, I will suck it up and start by searching for the motivation and inspiration I used to have.

To find that rush again.

To find that excitement where I couldn’t shut my eyes at night with all the planning and plotting.

To find the that moment again where I believed I could do anything I put my mind to.

Where I was invicible.

With dreams fueling my courage, I started doing what I loved, embarking on a journey that would fulfill me and my dreams.

But life can get in the way.

Although I am not at the place in my writing I want to be at, I refuse to give up.

I don’t have a plan. I don’t have a roadmap.

But I can still get there.


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3 Responses to “motivation…”

Sandy S Says:

I lose my mojo alot these days. I think it just wanders off somehwere. I usually find it when I plant but in chair or on couch and just start typing away. Then mojo says “peek-a-boo.”:typing:

Denise ~ Says:

you need to bi*atch slap that mojo and tell it to stay put! :twisted:

and while you’re at it give mine a good whack or three……. :whip:

Sandy Says:

You guys are a hoot. And definitely need to handcuff that mojo to my desk chair. And, come to think of it, need to handcuff ME to that chair.

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