“A writer’s reach for the stars begins with a reach for the keyboard.”

~Paul Raymond Martin ~Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…this weekend!

Got so much done. Cleaned house, laundered the laundry, ironed the ironing, trips to Home Depot, grocery store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, cooked dinner for tomorrow night, caught up on desk work both personal and as Treasurer for Yellow Rose, worked in the garden and watched THREE movies.

There just isn’t enough weekend to go around. All that is left for tonight is to ‘reaching for my keyboard’. I know, I know…should’ve done that first. Bad Sandy!

I am excited, though, as next week is a very, very short work week. Woo Hoo! Can. Not. Wait.

The flowers are looking wonderful. Had to replant a few since that very last frost got them and I couldn’t, hard as I tried, to save them.

Here are some pics to prove that I do have a greenthumb.



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2 Responses to “kicking butt…”

Denise ~ Says:

come do mine now……… I suck at it! :hissyfit:

Sandy S Says:

Those look great! You do have a green thumb.:bananadance:

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