“Write stories that insist on being continued beyond the last paragraph.”

~Paul Raymond Martin, Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…what the animals do on the Fourth of July?

Some like to swim.

Lemur: ‘Hey, Mr. ZooKeeper! You open that door this minute! It’s HOT out here!’

Squirrel on a mission.

‘What? You talkin’ to me?’

Some take naps. Did you know that warthogs sleep better when close to another warthog?

Might be a little smelly, but still romantic if you ask me.

This beautiful parrot was unbelievably LOUD!

Some are camera shy. Couldn’t convince this fellow to turn around.

‘Psst! Hey, the coast is clear. Helloooo??’


Ugh, again!

‘I’m coming! I’m coming! Give me a month and I’ll be right with you!’

Yes, Mr. Tapir, I do believe that is your best side!

Don’t be fooled. This alligator is bigger than he looks in the picture.

Can’t remember the name of these, but they can jump and land all four feet in an area the size of a silver dollar

Visited the butterfly center, but was disappointed there weren’t as many as I envisioned.

Despite the hot weather, it was fun. Rode the monorail around the zoo and got to see sides of it that couldn’t be seen from walking through.

Figured out that spring and fall is probably better times where the animals are more active.


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