Your book collection – the dog eared favorites read over and again and unable to part with. Or the autographed ones you waited in line to meet your favorite author and have it personally signed. The ‘research’ and the ‘how’ to collection that took years and hard earned money to obtain.

Priceless family photos – the one of your grandmother on her wedding day. Your child’s first Christmas. The last one taken of your mother before she passed away.

Your new furniture that you saved for years to buy. And finally got that room decorated just so.

The computers, the clothes, CD & DVD Collections, the cards and letters given to you throughout the years saved in a drawer.

Your house…

Your vehicles…

Your job…

A loved one…



I can’t even begin to imagine.

My thoughts and prayers with those affected in the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

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3 Responses to “Can You Imagine…”

Mik Says:

I can’t imagine. I can’t grasp leaving with just the clothes on my back and coming home to a total loss. I just can’t.

I blogged about it, too, today. But I’m issuing a challenge in light of the dispicable $10,000 donation from the Texas Rangers.

Suzanne Says:

It IS unimaginable. And the aftermath is just so much worse than the storm, which is what is so shocking.

Jill Says:

Amen to your post. Hugs to everyone affected. Can’t even imagine.

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