“Writing is a river. You have to keep swimming.

~Paul Raymond Martin, Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…falling from the sky?

Could it be? Yep, it’s rain. Much needed rain. Although it frizzies my hair. And gets my dirty car dirtier. And all of my 10 umbrellas are in the trunk and I never think of getting one out until it is too late.

But North Texas needs the rain.

I was asked why I don’t blog as often as I use to. My answer is that I didn’t work full time then. And anyone who has worked full time knows how it sucks you dry.

Speaking of work…part of my company has relocated into a new home. Well, not new as it has been around awhile, but new to our company. Once they get 288 of 800 employees settled in, we will take up three floors of the 36 floor building in the downtown area. My office is bigger and nicer although the view is now of the parking garage. :-(

We have dubbed the garage the ‘Speedway’ because people fly through and will run over your a** if you are not careful. And if you hesitate in any way – you are toast! You can defilnitely tell the ‘newbies’ by the fear on their faces as they walk to the elevators dodging the vehicles playing ‘chicken’ with cars and people alike.

You think I am kidding. If I make it my office alive, it is a good day.

Gotta run. Working on an article for my chapter’s newsletter and it will be due in a few days.

Here’s a pretty picture:


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4 Responses to “what’s that wet stuff…”

Denise ~ Says:

If I make it my office alive, it is a good day

well… if you don’t, it’s kinda end of the day huh? Bob and weave, bob and weave

Sandy Says:

LOL! You are so funny, Denise! You always make me laugh!

Brenda C Says:

Hey, I’ve seen you drive. Nothing wimpy there. Before you changed hair color & turned in the giant SUV you were the iconic terror: Blond driving an SUV while talking on the phone. Very scary!!! Now you are just a blond in disguise.

Carmi Says:

I hear you re. finding the energy to blog when you’re working full-time. Not an easy thing to do.

When I commuted by bike from the suburbs into the downtown core, I used to ride into the building via the multilevel underground garage. After too many close calls with idiots, I decided to start using the front doors instead. Between the lousy lighting and lack of room, speeding and careless drivers – who were just as prevalent on the road as they were on the concrete ramps – just got to me.

Ah, good times!

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