In case you haven’t noticed…the Word Meter is mooooving!!!

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Denise ~ Says:

WOOHOO on you! :typing:

I got like ten pages done yesterday :cowboy: (and that’s on top of getting my edits form my editor) :thumbsup:

Denise ~ Says:

and judging by my spelling, it’s a good thing she’s looking out for me :hiding:

Brenda C Says:

Sad to say. my writing is going sloooooooooooow. Had some family things to take care of. Those salmonella reports on the news are real and a scary thing to deal with! But, everything is all better, now and it’s back to the WIP. Of course, the new Norah Roberts book is calling my name. Check out her interview on the Borders web site. Makes you want to spit nails. Not that I’m jealous, or anything.hissyfit:

The zoo looked like fun–check out the San Diego zoo on your next trip. Fantastic!:

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