Yesterday, one of the doctors told me she wished she could be a writer. That the idea of just staying home all day and create and make lots of money would be fun. And so much easier. If she had the time.

No, I didn’t slap her. She is actually one of my favorites to work for. And I didn’t tell her that I would love to be a doctor – when I had the time.

I did reply nicely that, as I was there at work and not home writing, it was just a wee bit more difficult than it would seem and according to a report in the RWR, our national organization’s monthly report, not everyone who writes will make a living at writing – much less a living comparable to a doctor’s salary.

She just looked at me. Maybe she detected a slight sarcasm. Who knows.

Today was an awesome day! Two good friends from my writers group and I went to the Omni Imax theater and saw Mysteries of the Nile. Very interesting and exciting. Sort of like white water rapids meet King Tut. I would have loved to make the trip down the Nile with the crew in the movie. But only if there were showers and port-a-potties at the end of the day. The scenery was beautiful. And at times you really felt you were there on the inflatable boats braving the rapids, the heat, the crocodiles, the fabulous yet vicious waterfalls. Mik found the website for me here after we got home and will check it out.

Then had dinner with my DH and two good friends at a great Bar B Que place not far from here. Texas is known for its ribs, beef, and pork and this was terrific. The hot bread was to die for. And the dessert! OMG! Chocolate cake with two kinds of cheesecake interspersed between the cake layers followed by a dark chocolate frosting. My weight watcher point allotment is shot for the month!

I count my blessings every day for friends, family, more than enough food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in every night. My prayers to those who are suffering the pain and loss from Hurricane Katrina.

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Mik Says:

I’ve always wanted to float down the Nile in a boat reminiscent of Cleopatra. Of course, I’d have my slave boy there who looks suspiciously like Gerard Butler, shirtless of course, with a very large feather fan and feeding me grapes…

Oh.. sorry.. was that out loud? :yes:

Sandy Says:

Hey, the expert kayaker would do in a pinch! Only if Gerard wasn’t available, though :thumbsup:

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