“Writing is the only known cure for not writing.”

~Paul Raymond Martin, Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…for my new blog.

Just wanted to try something different. Like trying on a new outfit or a new pair of shoes. You just want an updated look.

May not keep this particular one, but willl try it on for a few days. I am having fun learning how to put it together but have some more work to do on the sidebar. What I can’t figure out, I usually bug Michelle.

Let me know what you think about it!

Northeast Texas has had quite a heat wave lately. And, according to the weather, there is no reprieve in sight as we are expecting over 100 degree weather for a week or so.

Sat outside on the patio today and stayed a tad bit longer than I should have. Now my legs and arms are a bright shade of red. Hopefully will tan and not peel.

Need to think about something for dinner as I have been playing around today and not doing anything serious except for some laundry.


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3 Responses to “work in progress…”

Michelle Says:

I LIKE IT! And you don’t bug me. :)

The heat is awful.

Brenda C Says:

I like the new format. Much cheerier than the other.
The little tags don’t appear, though.

You are in the medical profession and have lived in Texas long enough to know better. No “poor thing” from me. 5 min. + 104 degree heat raging sunburn!! Nuff said!

The new Sherrlyn Kenyon book, Acheron, gets delivered to me tomorrow so I will be holed up in the house reading!!

Michelle Says:

Whoa HEY! You changed it again! :)

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