…”Writing is a matter of desire, not discipline. If you want to write, that’s what you’ll do. If you want to write, you’ll rearrange the circumstances of your life to make it possible. If you want to write, you can’t not write” Paul Raymond Martin~Writer’s Little Instruction Book

So many of my writer’s friends say that not to write is not to breathe. So many times I let that passion die while I am off doing other things instead of sitting at the computer and writing. I think about it, I plot it, I worry about it, but do not regularly write. If you do something for 14 days in a row, I hear it becomes a habit. I am going to sit at my computer and write for 14 days in a row. I have put that in print, so now I have made it a goal. Let’s see in two weeks if I have developed my ‘writing muscles’.

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5 Responses to “Desire, Not Discipline”

Jill Says:

“If you want to write, you can’t not write” — I believe this will all my heart and soul. You gotta do it, you gotta want it! Go for it and let us know how it goes …

Mik Says:

OoOO! I know you can do it, Sandy! And I’ll cheer you along all the way! :thumbsup:

Colin Says:

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Jill Says:

So … did you develope the muscles?

Henry Knuland Says:

Your site is on top of my favourites – Great work I like it.

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