Given the opportunity, a writer will fiddle with a piece of writing forever.
~Paul Raymond Martin, ‘Writer’s Little Instruction Book

Nobody I know does that! :oops:

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4 Responses to “Not me!”

Caroline Says:

You are a champion fiddler. However, you are moving forward and with your great writing, I know you’ll be published one day. :banana:

Here’ s another quote for you: “There is no perfect time to write. There’s only now.”– Barbara Kingsolver

So, I’ll get to my writing.


Mik Says:

Hm.. let me think.. who do I know that does that? :lol:

Get writing, chica. :wave:

Neecy Says:

Seein’ how I only have paper to write on now, I don’t see that is quite applicable. But I will say now that the computer has died, I have actually written more in the last two sans the handy-dandy keyboard (this one is only on lone for an hour or two a day) then in the last several months – sad thing I must say! :thumbsup:

I have been uber-productive and had thoughts running out the ying-yang and got two, yes count them two notebooks started. I even had to sharpen my pencil 4 times! :mrgreen:

To heck w/ fiddling – I’m writing darn it! :wave:


Sandy Says:

You guys are all such inspirations to me! Ya’ll tell it like it is, keep me motivated and, on occasion, have kicked my butt in gear. You guys rock!

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