Just got back from four days out of town visiting my son, daughter-in-law and the two year old grandtwins. Believe it when they say grandchildren are so much more fun then the originals. They love you unconditonally. They want to snuggle with you. They think you are cool. And they will eventually grow up and give your own child what you have always dreamed of him having – teenagers of his own! :twisted:

I’d forgotten how hot and humid it was in southeast Texas. And the love bugs! Sheesh! For anyone having the good fortune of not encountering these, they are small, harmless black bugs that fly in tandem and make a horrid mess on your automobiles as you travel down the highways. Have no clue as to what they are good for except they must be an important part of the food chain. As a child, we use to try to catch them. That’s before I discovered WHY they were flying in tandem. As soon as we got home, DH spent two hours scrubbing them off the vehicle so the paint would not be ruined. I felt so sorry for him having to do that after the long 5 hour drive, I unpacked his suitcase. Who says I am not a good wife.

I heard it was a bit cooler here on Friday. But it was registering 100 degrees when we got back in town. So looking forward to the fall. My favorite time of year.

Catching up on emails, found out that Cece sold Once In a Blue Moon to Liquid Silver Books! You rock, Cece! Congrats! And Caroline Clemmons had a birthday while I was gone! Hope your birthday was extra special, my friend!

Since I don’t see my family but every six weeks or so, I didn’t get any writing done and just spent time playing and visiting. Felt guilty on the way home thinking that most writers would have found a minute or two to pound out 15 or 20 pages.

Have the dreaded President’s column to do! :???: I hate doing it because I never feel I have anything worth saying.

Tomorrow I am starting Candace Havens workshop called Fast Draft through Romance Divas . It is a week long course that teaches you to get through your first draft in a fast and efficient manner. Sounds interesting and something I definitely need. Can’t wait!

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3 Responses to “The Weekend…”

Mik Says:

Hey I didn’t even have to remind you about the Prez Column. ;)

I don’t write on weekends. Don’t feel guilty!

And good luck on the workshop. I know you can do it. :thumbsup:

Cece Says:

Hey how’s the workshop going?
I got 15 pages yesterday but only about four today :yuck:

Sandy Says:

Good for you, Cece! With our friend passing away, the hurricane in Beaumont with all our family there and some on the way up here to us, I haven’t done a page in two days! Bad Sandy! :thumbsdown:

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