‘Never resolve one conflict before presenting another.’
Paul Raymond Martin~Writer’s Little Instruction Book

Hmmm…maybe the good Lord has read Martin’s book. We no sooner suffered through Katrina’s wrath before Rita reared her ugly head. Beaumont, Texas is my home town and we have been glued to Fox for days watching her slowly make her way to the southeast Texas coast. We rescued my mother in law and brought her up north to be with us for a few days while keeping in touch with other family and friends as they braved the crowded roads to safety.

My oldest son is a police officer in Beaumont and it was mandatory for him to stay in town. After sending his wife and the twins to his in-laws lake house 3 hours away, he helped load the police vehicles and equipment on one of the ships in port and readied the city for the onslaught. Many of the emergency personnel weathered the hurricane at one of the local hospitals. He called this morning several times with updates. I asked him if they could feel the hurricane winds while in the building and he said yes and that the water in the toliet bowls were sloshing around. Pretty powerful, huh?

He has called several times since with information on homes and properties that we have passed on via cell phones to those waiting to here the news. Just call me the command post. :cool:

Most everyone we know will return home with not much damage at all. Some not at all.

My son is a good and caring man. He has yet to call with the condition of his own home. He has been so concerned about the others.

But one, good positive thing is that my mother-in-laws place is still liveable. Need I say more? :thumbsup:

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4 Responses to “Conflict”

Mik Says:

Glad to hear everyone is a-ok in Beaumont! I’ve been wondering how they were doing and keeping an eye on the TV.

Devon Ellington Says:

Glad to hear things turned out so well. And your son is one of the best of the best. Please let him know how much his work and his caring are appreciated by people all over the country, in addition to the people he helps directly.

Dennie Says:

He gets it from his mom!!!! :angel:

Glad to know all is okay! :thumbsup:

Sandy Says:

Thanks, guys for the concern and prayers. I will pass this along.

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