I have now been directly affected by Hurricane Rita in the form of 2 year old twins, a daughter-in-law, a mother-in-law, and a friend of the MIL. All had taken refuge further north than their hometown of Beaumont, Texas and ended up in the direct path of the storm anyway. My DIL and the twins were at her parents lake house and was left with no power for several days before calling it quits and traveled up to the the north Texas area for safety. My MIL and her friend came two days before the storm hit.

All of us thought they would be home again by now. All of us were wrong.

We are being assured that some of the area has power and that clean up is in progress, but we still have to wait until it is safe for them to return.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the family time, although I had forgotten what is was like to live on a full time basis with two year olds and an elderly mother in law. The twins have watched Toy Story enough times, they can say the lines with the characters. So can I. My MIL has watched Fox news so much she calls the newscasters by their first names.

Can’t say enough good about Bill, the friend. Eighty years old and going strong. And so much fun to be with -game for anything.

My house looks like it has had a direct hit from the storm. I almost killed myself picking up after them all until my DIL looked at me with a knowing look and convinced me that it was hopeless. She was right.

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6 Responses to “Aftermath”

Devon Ellington Says:

Thinking of all of you. I’m glad they survived and have you to support them. And your cyber buddies are here to support you! Love and light!

Brenda Says:

I can see Sandy running behind the twins with her vacuum cleaner. She loves that thing. When returning from a long trip, that’s the first thing she grabs.

Just wait, when everybody goes back home, it will be too quiet around the house.

Dennie Says:

Brenda is so right!! :eyes:

You think she’d freak if I told her I broke a second vacuum? (shh :sealed: don’t tell)


sandy S Says:

Glad to hear everyone’s ok. Even though it’s crazy look at it this way Sandy…a house full of chaos is better than a house full of nothing. :wave:
Don’t forget to take some time for you.

Sandy Says:

Thanks, guys! And I COULDN’T vacuum because the twins are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. But that was okay, because you couldn’t see the floor anyway! So it was good therapy for me. If you could have seen my house all of you would have been proud. It was a DISASTER of all disasters. But it was worth it.

Mik Says:

Most little ones are afraid of the vacuum. Mamoo was. But now he gets one of his push toys and “helps” vacuum. Glad to hear all is well and your house is getting back to normal.

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