Wow! The house is empty, clean, and quiet. Too quiet. Except for Toy Story theme song which keeps running through my head! Thanks, Brady and Colby! , :eyes:

Everyone has returned home to clean up and clean out. I hate they all have to throw everything in their fridge and freezers away. What a waste! But they assure me it feels good to be home after being up here for two weeks.

Bill said that he will never evacuate again. Was I that good or that bad?

Now I am getting ready for our RWA chapter retreat! Looking so forward to this weekend of plotting, planning, talking, eating, and just rejuvenating and having fun! We have such great girls in our group. And so much fun! Have been baking chocolate chip cookies and brownies to bring. Yum! Also bringing veggies relish tray to eat healthy. But the best thing will be Michelle’s chocolate cheesecake! Double Yum! She is a Master at the cheesecake thing! We are riding together so she better hide it or it may not make it there! Who me? Nah! :angel:

Haven’t done ANY writing since the first five pages with the First Draft workshop. I am so ashamed! With a houseload of people I couldn’t think. Really have a lot of admiration for Dennie who writes with four boys and two dogs and the husband. Here’s to ya, Dennie!

I am really going to have to search deep inside and ask myself if I REALLY want to be a successful published author. Most authors can block out everything or let things go and write. I seem to be having trouble doing either and let everything get in the way. :loser: I plan on going away on the retreat and come back and decide what to do. But everytime I make goals and plans, something happens. Maybe I should not let the fates know so they will leave me be. It’s a thought.

Sandy S, glad your surgery went well and you are on the mend!

Cece, you cracked me up with the Onstar commentary!

JeanMarie, let me know when your website is up and running and good luck!

Mik, keep forgetting to ask you about the popularity thing on your blog! But, I do agree that Lost better speed things up and stop all those flashbacks. ‘Course that is what is good about taping it. You can fast forward past it! Sawyer is hunky!

Devon, love the new Circadian Poems!

C-ya when I get back from retreat!

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6 Responses to “What now?”

Mik Says:

The popularity thing is a plug-in I found somewhere. And will DEFINITELY hide that cheesecake from you. My house smells like chocolate right now. :loveeyes: HOO.. it’s sooooo good. Wait till you try a piece. Talk about Death By Chocolate! :thumbsup:

Sandy Says:

Can’t think of a better way to go!!!:wink:

sandy S Says:

Have fun at the retreat sniff, sniff:wave:

Devon Ellington Says:

Have a great time!

As far as letting things get in the way, you have to make the commitment to yourself that no matter what gets in the way, you will MAKE the time for x amount every day to write. Or, if something big comes up, you will give yourself X days off, and then give yourself a full day to write. It’s a juggling act.

If I hadn’t MADE the time to write in the early days after my mother’s accident when I was on deadline, running three households, working a show and preppiing a movie, I think I would have had a total meltdown.

Writing is how I make sense of the world.

If you want it badly enough, you MAKE it work. The time will never appear. You have to TAKE it.

And sometimes, that means saying no to someone, or saying, “make yourself at home. I have to go to the library for two hours to get some work done.” And Do it.

Dennie Says:

I don’t think you can stop writing…I don’t think it is possible if you are a writer. (Those voices, they never shut up – even when you vacuum – they will talk to you!) :grin:

But whether you pursue it as a career or just to keep from going nuts by jotting down what THEY say depends on your frame of mind. IMHO

I write and write and write but I don’t know how seriously I will pursue it. :???: Just don’t make any “decisions,” if it happens it happens. If not you had fun writing!

Sandy Says:

Thanks, guys! As I was trying to sleep last night, so many ideas and stories popped in my head and my Templars were screaming “No! We have to break this curse!” And I got excited all over again. What was I thinking! This is what I have wanted since I was 8 yrs old! No matter what, I will keep writing. :typing:

And I will set aside a writing time if it kills me. I just won’t tell those fickle fates when or where. And I will get mean about it. :twisted:

Thanks for letting me vent! I am over it now.

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