As we cleaned and packed and readied to leave the lake today, I thought about how life can be so balanced in a crazy sort of way. The opportunity to get away after a chaotic two weeks and 100 degree weather was well appreciated and needed. The weather was cooler, the lake beautiful, and the friends as wonderful as always. This was our third writer’s retreat and we needed time from our jobs, families and busy lives to just go and enjoy. And we did exactly that.

Two of my friends, Mik and Dennie, told me they had never heard me talk as much as I did this last weekend. I was giddy in a relaxed sort of way. We didn’t get as much work done as we usually do, but managed to get two of the writers books plotted. Lots of food and laughter – it helps make up for the stressful times.

A special thanks to Sharon for being a wonderful hostess and for the gift of the Literati key rings. If you have never heard of her famous bookmarks and key rings, check out her site, Literati Bookmarks. These are awesome bookmarks that stretch and fit any size book and won’t fall out and lose your place. And with every bookmark sold, she donates a portion to children’s literacy.

For those in our group who couldn’t make it, we missed you. Not everyone plots or writes the same way, but I honestly believe that everyone finds something they can get out of it.

If nothing else, a chance to talk like I don’t get a chance to at home :sealed:

It was great to get away, it was wonderful to come home. Balance. Makes life good.

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2 Responses to “Weekend Blast”

Mik Says:

It was a blast! (and you did talk A LOT but that’s okay… yer funny) I’m looking forward to next year! :thumbsup:

Suzanne Says:

Sounds like you had a great time at the lake!

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