‘If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.’
~vince lombardi

…found another blog theme. How do you like this one, BC, KB, KT, DM, MM, SS, NH?

It can be so much fun, but so frustrating at the same time.

Have been looking for something a little more modern, a little more indicative of young adult, which, thankyouverymuch, I happen to be working diligently on.

Except for Tuesday.

And Wednesday.

But tonight I got about 500 words done.

I have been struggling on setting word count goals and I am now starting Candy Havens new class called Writers Binge. In this class we are counting hours working, not pages. I only had about an hour and a bit to write tonight and was able to spit out the 500 words. She focuses on setting how many hours a day you want to write and the goal is to get immersed in your story. You can do it in one sitting or in increments here and there.

She says the best time to write is in the morning before all the stop signs awake (her words, not mine), but that is not possible for me. So I will need to set a certain timeframe each evening and work out my hours then. It is amazing that I had been thinking about doing that for the last two weeks and then got a verification from Candy’s class this week.

Great minds, yada yada!

Stay tuned.

Gotta run…


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11 Responses to “At It Again…”

Michelle Says:

I really like this one! It’s very cool.

I’m so proud of you for keeping your writing going. Unlike me. Who is painting this weekend…

Sandy Says:

Thanks! I kind of like it. Still tinkering, still trying to make it do things I want it to do and it doesn’t.

Wow! You are up early on a day off! And, knowing you, that painting will be finished before noon.

Thanks for talking to me so late last night.

Kathy Says:

I really like this one.

Brenda C Says:

I like this one better, too. Kind of matches the stephenie Meyer book covers.

Sandy Says:

Thanks, guys! There are supposed to be two columns to the right. Let me know if either of them are not showing up. They show up on my laptop, but the first column that has the list of the blogs I read is gone on my desktop and my work computer.

Kathy Says:

They both show up on mine. Maybe it is the
size of the huge monitor I have. (As we get older
we have a little trouble with our eyesite)

Denise ~ Says:


sounds like Prehh-tehe… you know the big red thing from bugs Bunny :-)

Denise ~ Says:

Brenda … was that a goal?

Denise ~ Says:

Brenda … was that a goal?

I hit send twice and it says I already said this (twice) but I don’t think I did…

sheesh! Machines….(and programs… and other drivers on the road, for that matter–especially when they speed up so you have to slam on the brakes when the lane you’re in is mergining over and you have your turn signal on and there was plenty of room until the SOB hits their excellorator and blocks you out and you flip them off for THREE STRAIGHT MILES! And you broke your oath not to cuss in the car for a WHOLE DAY and you say EVERY last word you can think of during the three mile flip… :-O sigh… been one of those days!)

Sandy S Says:

This looks great. I love the banner and the colors!

Nancy H Says:

I like this one better!

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