‘Nothing will work unless you do.’
~Maya Angelou

…to a cold, icy world.

We’d heard about it, read about it, watched the skies for days and finally the ice storm reared its ugly head.

Last night, while tucked deep under the sheet, the blanket, the comforter, and wearing big fluffy socks and the longest warmest nightgown I could find, I heard it. Pellets of icy rain tapped at the window announcing its arrival. I snuggled even deeper in my cocoon and listened, my thoughts drifting as I tried to fall asleep.

As the sleet and rain streaked the window like tears, I thought about the past I’d learned so much from, the memories forever held deep in my heart. I thought of the present… which is this day, this moment…a chance to make new memories to cherish and love and look back on fondly. And about the future which always means hopes and dreams. No human being can exist without dreams and hope. I know I cannot. They may change or be adjusted, but they must exist.

Lulled to sleep by the storm, my last thoughts were to vow in the darkness of the night never take life – or love – for granted. And, no matter what, hold on to those hopes and dreams – and the love.


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One Response to “woke Wednesday morning…”

sandy s Says:

Wow Sandy that was some very moving wandering thoughts. I think you need to put that in a book. :-)

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