This, my friends, is my third-in-line-to-the-throne’s BEST pair of blue jeans. Best? I ask him. Well, yeah, Mom, you know, just right.

Just right? I hear an echo. And it’s me. He is leaving to go on a date wearing…THIS! I am speechless. And appalled.

‘Just right’ for the trash can in my opinion. With a horrified look he makes me promise I would never consign his favorite and BEST pair of blue jeans to the garbage. I remind him that we can afford a new pair. He gives me the same look he gives his irritating younger brother. Why would he want a new pair when these are just broken in?

What is it with men that they can’t bear to part with clothes that are better off dusting the furniture or washing the dog? My husband loves to wear an pair of orange shorts with a maroon t-shirt and it makes me nuts! Not to mention hurt my eyes. He says it is just to irritate me but I wonder if maybe he is really color blind and won’t admit it. But I have warned him – he is dead meat if he steps out of the house with them on, and will be the last time he ever sees them! So far, he believes me.

Please someone else tell me they have the same problem with the male population in their household!

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4 Responses to “What’s with this?”

Sandy S Says:

Sandy, the sad thing is….people might look at him funny wearing a decent pair of pants. I know what you mean, I can’t stand the I pulled my pants out f the garbage then ran over them with my car look.:evil:

Mik Says:

OMG you’re cracking me up! Luckily, I don’t have that problem with my husband. Unless you want to count underwear with THREE holes big enough for his legs… (was that TMI?) :wave:

Devon Ellington Says:

Can you believe that, in my line of work, I actually get PAID to make jeans look like that for camera?

Um, my own? I like them a little worn and comfy, but when they holey (no pun intended ), they go OUT!

Dennie Says:

Just laughing … can’t say anything else!!! :rotfl:

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