“You will never again be quite the person you are today.”

~Paul Raymond Martin, Writer’s Little Instruction Book

…Halloween is right around the corner. And Thanksgiving around the next one with Christmas around the block.

Where does the year go?

Busy weekend these last two days.

G.W. and I went to see Menopause the Musical Friday night with a few friends from his work, KB, SD, M, and KB’s mom (waving at you guys!). We laughed until our jaws ached and had so much fun. No matter what a woman’s age or where she is in her life, it is definitely worth every penny to see.

It is about four women of different caliber who meet in an upscale department store and form a friendship as only women can. Sharing the ups and downs of going through ‘the change’, the message throughout the laughs, the dancing, and the singing is that this is a normal part of every woman’s life and it is to be celebrated.

I love the parodies of the songs that ranged from country and western to Tina Turner, but the best performance of the night was G.W. dancing across the stage. The woman in the audience loved it!

He’s such a ham! I am forbidden from posting pics. (I can be bribed, though,LOL!)

Saturday night, I was treated to my favorite restaurant, PF Chang’s! Couple of glasses of White Zin, the best calamari in the world, General Chang’s spicy chicken, and the forty seven layer chocolate cake to top it off.

Holy caloric overload, Batman! But, omg, was it worth it!

You’d have thought I’d come home and crash from all the sugar and carbs. But, noooo, I didn’t sleep well and when I did, I was plagued by nightmares. Go figure. The kind that didn’t make much sense, but has you talking in your sleep and battling imaginary monsters and not aware you are doing it. Guess I am just not used to that much food and drink in one sitting any longer. And that has nothing to do with age, thankyouverymuch!

Today we worked it off by running errands (with the required stop at Home Depot), making stuffed peppers, and planting pansies. I refused to take a nap so tonight I should sleep like a baby. Have to stay up to watch Cold Case and The Unit though!

Tomorrow starts another work week! :-( I so need some time off.


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2 Responses to “hard to believe…”

Brenda C Says:

Fried octopus and chocolate, huh? And you wonder why you had nightmares. Bleck!!! I’ll stick with the lettuce wraps.

Menopause, the musical, sounds like fun. I’m going to see Tuna Does Vegas next week. I love the characters, especially the Dairy Cream waitress’ Inita Goodwon and Hellen Bed.

Michelle Miles Says:


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