Wednesday night is ‘Lost’ and ‘Invasion’ night for me. I am hooked and I admit it. Fortunately they view at different times and same channel which make it so much easier since our DVR (it’s like TIVO but comes with our satellite service) makes you watch the same channel it’s taping. No watching one channel while you tape the other. What’s the use of that? If I am watching it, I don’t NEED to tape it. Duh!

Bloggin’ friend Devon works in film and it is fascinating to read her experiences with it. She evidently is very conscientious in her job and makes sure everyone and everything is just like the previous days ‘takes’ when they do what she explained ‘matched shots”. You know, the guy in the blue shirt doesn’t wear red this time etc.

With that blog fresh in mind, I caught a mistake on Invasion tonight.

Larkin (a female main character) ‘beeped’ her vehicle to unlock it, opened the door and grabbed the open window frame!

The window was down!

Was all excited to point this out to my family. But my husband just rolled his eyes and said many people lock their cars with the window down. PUH-Leeze! Are you kidding?
My son agreed with him.
I don’t believe that for a second.

Bet it wouldn’t have happened on Devon’s watch.

World Series

Well, the Astros did it. Won the championship and are now headed to the World Series. Not that I necessarily care, but others here in the state of Texas do. Mind you, baseball has always been a big part of my life due to the fact I had four sons and each one played all the way from T-ball to High School. In fact, when my last son was born and they told me it was a little boy, my remark in the delivery room was, “Oh, no! Seven more years of little league!” And I always got stuck frying french fries when it was my turn to work the concession stand. :thumbsdown:

But it’s the first time any league from Texas made the World Series, so it will be worth keeping up with.


Every November they have what is called National Novel Writing Month. It is a challenge to writers to individually set a goal of writing a 175 page novel (50,000 words) from Nov. 1 – midnight Nov. 30. But when I had signed up for Fast Draft earlier this month, a hurricane entered the gulf and lots of friends and family came to visit. :eyes: The minute I signed up for NaNoWriMo, hurricane Wilma reared her ugly head. I am beginning to see a pattern here. And not a good one.

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7 Responses to “TV Blooper!”

Sandy S Says:

Hey my friend Lore always catches bloopers. When we are watching TV or at the movies she’ll point them out immediately. I don’t know how she does it. She must have a sharp eye. It looks like you do to. If it’s anything that pulls me out of the story it’s got to be a blooper so I agree with you…ding-dong and ding-dong in training. NO offense.:yes:

Dennie Says:

I catch ‘em – drives the hubby nuts – same thing with writing. My crit group (TWW) made fun of me once when I pointed out someone’s character went through 4 cigs but made a point of lighting 2 – can you say major chain smoker?!?! – I’m anal what can I say!

Suzanne Says:

Oooh, you’re currently reading The Beast Within!!! I hope you like it!

Jill Says:

wednesday is my fave tv night!

Mik Says:

There is NO FREAKING WAY a woman would lock her car with the window down. NO WAY. Your men are wrong and you can tell them I said so. :rotfl: I heart LOST.

Dennie Says:

:???: I hate to pop in here again but I, um, have done that – locked my van w/ the windows rolled down (more than once :oops: )

What can I say – the van was hot but I figured it would take longer to steel with the doors locked. :eek:

But swear I won’t do it again – unless I really really have to. :thumbsup:

Brenda Says:

I like to watch Surface too, but I kept wondering what she did with her kid. A lot of time went by with no sign of him–her buddy was arrested and she was hauled off by the MIB or whatever they are. WHERE was her kid?
As for the Starbucks thing, if a person with glasses is 4 eyes, do the added sunglasses make you “6 eyes”?

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