I love this weather! Fall could last for three months and I wouldn’t mind at all. Blue skies, crisp, cool weather. Decorations that include pumpkins and scarecrows and candy corn. There is no rush for Thanksgiving or Christmas in my book. Did you know that Christmas decorations are already up in the stores? And Christmas music is being played for your shopping enjoyment? The other day I was in a well known institution of consumer delight and a lady walked by with a halloween costume in one hand and a stuffed reindeer in the other.

I left Walmart feeling slightly disoriented. :eyes:

This week has been a blur. I haven’t read, written, or blogged. But I have left my purse at an office I was at yesterday and had to travel the 25 miles back to retrieve it. In rush hour traffic.

Made it home in time to see Invasion. I even had to laugh with the three guys when they were eating around the campfire. Guys will be guys. But can they really do that on prime time TV?

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Dennie Says:

Throw in kids b-days from Aug to Dec and I am right with you – I am so confused trying to figure out which to give for b-day or Christmas.

Not to mention trying to make sure I don’t wear my Witch T-shirt after 10/31. Or my Santa one before 12/01 though the hubby said I could on Tuesday!

I got caught once wearing my halloween socks at Thanksgiving – had boots on so know one would see – but wouldn’t you know I went into labor (false of course since he’s a dec baby!) The nurse had a grand ol time making fun of me!!! :grin:

Sandy Says:

:rotfl: That’s hysterical, Dennie! I got visions of the great pumpkin driving the sleigh of eight flying turkeys on Christmas Eve!

Mik Says:

I can’t stand they put Christmas decorations up in SEPTEMBER. It’s damn dumb. Sorry you had to travel back to get your purse – that royally sucks! :thumbsdown:

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