‘Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.’
~John W. Gardner

…is no lady! Monday started the week with a vengeance – rainy and cold after a wonderful weekend, but I hear it is headed that way again for this next weekend.

Disappointed in myself that I did not get any writing done the last two nights, but will get with it tonight. Have to turn in my first chapter to the new critique group tomorrow so have some work to do. And something I realized this morning? I really missed it. The ‘not writing’ I did the last two nights, I mean. Felt like something was not quite right. And I agree with Sandy S – we have to treat it like a second job yet find that balance between our regular job while making adequate time for our family and friends and yourself.

Guess who has a new website? Check it out HERE! Lookin’ good, girlfriend!

No much to say. After all those days of vacation, work slapped me back into the realm of reality and it is like I never was off. Same old issues with a few new ones rearing their ugly heads. But, trust me, I can handle it and besides it pays the bills. I just hate it when I come home so beat, I can’t get anything done outside the office. That’s the rub for me.

BUT…like my scary boss at work always says: “If you own something, then do something about it.” Which means that if you realize the problem, find a way to fix it. Soooo…it always helps me to have a plan. I hate the floundering and the not knowing and the guessing and the what-ifs. Even if you have to adjust the plan, at least you have something to work towards. A plan gives me security and confidence. In myself, in others, in the future.

Have a wonderful hump day! I plan on it!


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2 Responses to “mother nature…”

Michelle Miles Says:

It’s supposed to be 80 on Friday. Go Figure!

I am SO GLAD to see you’re back to writing. Gosh, now *I* need to get back to it. However, I have about 4 full time jobs at the moment: Mom, Day Job, Writing, Chapter.

And thanks for the pluggage. I thoroughly pleased with my new look. hehe

sandy s Says:

I know you can do it Sandy. Just carve out 30 minutes everyday. I come home beat too, and brain dead. Just push through it. 30 minutes is all you have to do and then you may suprise yourself, you may write for an hour. :-)

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