Once a month, I treat myself to a professional pedicure. It’s such a wonderful pampered feeling that I believe everyone, men included, should try it occasionally. The other day, as my feet were blissfully soaking in a warm, vibrating foot bath, I happened to overhear the lady in the chair next to me make a remark that had more than my foot bath water boiling.

She was saying that the reason things were in such a turmoil in this world was because women were not as submissive to their husbands as they should be.

She said that if women knew their place, then there would be less problems in this world. Now, if she chooses to believe this, that is her business. I even understand what she is referring to, but think think she has it all out of whack.

She happened to be talking to a young mother of three who mentioned that she and her husband had been having trouble and didn’t know what to do about it.

I couldn’t help it. My mouth took on a life of its own.

What I wanted to say was What’re your feet soaking in, lady? Are you nuts!

But what I did say was:

By no means am I a marriage counselor but, in my vast experience of marriage life of so many years, I have found that treating marriage as a partnership and not a ‘I lord over you because I am a man/woman’, encourages a mutual respect to grow. From that mutual respect, problems that arise tend to be handled in a way that benefits both people in the relationship.

Sandy did not cease to exist when she became a wife and mother.

Although, it is normal for a mother to put her family first, I think she should still be able to retain her identity, her friends, her interests, her goals. A woman does not want a father figure for a husband nor does she want a man who unplugs the umbilical cord from his mom and plugs it into his wife.

Sorry to rant here, but I was pretty upset at this woman. And being a Libra, I can always see both sides to a situation and realize that every relationship is different and men also have their side of this argument. But I felt she genuinely was not helping this poor young wife and mother a bit.

On another subject, I hope you like my new look. Thanks so a very special friend for helping me with it. We have a good pattern going here – we work a little bit – then go to Starbucks to reward ourselves.

Works for me!

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9 Responses to “Whatever you’re thinking, think again, lady!”

Dennie Says:

OH MY GOODNESS!!! :shock:

I would have … I don’t know what I would have done when I heard that lady. I am usually a quiet person (For those laughing, pick yourself up) I don’t talk to people don’t know, but I think I would have had to say somthing too.

It’s women like her that cause the problem. Submissive my big fat patooty. My husband would fall over and die if I ever said “Yes Sir” and did what he asked. What happened to having a brain and knowing what was right and not being told.

It’s too early in the morning to be this fired up.

Dennie Says:

P.S. the site looks great! :thumbsup:

Brenda Says:

I think I would have asked her what she was doing there getting a pedicure instead of baking bread and cleaning the toilet at home. Also, did her husband give her permission tospend his money on her feet? TAWANDA!

Mik Says:

What a beotch. haha That was a perfect case of sticking your nose in it – you should have. So.. you go girl! :thumbsup: and…

Yeah baby!

Sandy Says:

Hey, guys! Thanks for the support. I usually keep my mouth shut but…:no:

Dennie: Glad you like the new look. And you go, girlfriend, on how far you have gone with NaNo!

Brenda: You are so right! Gawd! Men! Can’t live with ‘em! Can’t reach the top shelf without ‘em! (per Dennie, LOL)

Mik: I didn’t even FEEL bad or guilty about what I said! That’s unusual!

Didn’t say “I ‘m sorry.” Not once!

Caroline Says:

Sandy, :thumbsup: I am so glad you spoke up. I know you NEVER do that sort of thing, but this was the right time if there ever was one. What a terrible person that woman was. :loser: I’ll bet her husband is a little dried up mousey guy so she has no trouble submitting to him because he’s afraid to tell her anything. Good thing you said something so the young woman didn’t think she should take that woman’s bad advice. I’m afraid I would not have been so tactful. Good for you!

cece Says:

Women like her give the rest of us a bad name :whip:

cece Says:

P. S. Love the Cartoon……. :rotfl:

Darius Boschen Says:

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