“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.”

~Vincent Van Gogh

…putting everything in front of my writing!

Things I can cross off my list though:

• Taxes done
• Read book for published contest
• Unpublished entries critiqued
• Some (not all) critiques done for critique group
• Checking account balanced
• Writer’s group checking account balanced
• Attended meeting at writer’s group (guest speaker Rosemary Clement Moore and she was great!)
• Grocery shopping done
• Gumbo made
• Laundry done
• Ironing NOT done
• Yearly visit to the Fort Worth Home Show
• Started a friend’s critique that she wants to submit next week to her editor.

Wow! It’s amazing how life in general can suck every minute of your day. All of a sudden it is like 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon and you wonder where the weekend went.

But it is actually hard to believe that it is already Thursday with the weekend only a day away. I am definitely getting some writing caught up!

And my word meter is still moving albeit slooooowwwlly! Too slow evidently by the smirk on G.W.’s face.


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2 Responses to “doing it again…”

Michelle Miles Says:

I am so with you on the time suckage. WHERE does it all go?? I feel like I’m running out of time and there is a lot of stuff head of me that I have to get done. Hate it. All I want to do is WRITE.

I’m proud of you for your writing though. You are doing good! (That’s me cheerleading)

Denise ~ Says:

Wrinkle free fabric… save you a step right there :-)

See I have this handy-dany AlphaSmart that goes room to room w/ me and I will add a few lines in here and there and viola four pages done and didn’t even know it. :-P

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