“How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

~Trina Paulus

…a plan comes together.

Life has been so busy this last year that I found I was having difficulty keeping up and getting things done. I’d forget things. Not get as much done as I needed to or planned to. Then become frustrated because there was so much to do.

So… I started making lists the night before of all the things I needed to do the next day.

Amazing at what the difference it made! There is just something about seeing it visually that gets you motivated and puts things (like someone’s behind) in motion. It’s such a high when you check off each item on the list. Which inspires you to move to the next on the list. And then the next.

I find it helps keep things in perspective and, like a map or GPS, I know where I need to go for the day and how to keep on track. Each day the list is prioritized according to importance.

It is amazing how much more I have accomplished!

…Taxes done earlier this year than ever,
…Unpacking completed except for a few boxes that he-who-shall-remain-nameless has to go through,
…Wedding and party preparations were fun and not stressful,
…Decorating plans for house and yard in the thinking and planning stage,
…New website up and running,
…Goals and plans for writing career being set,
…Daily/weekly writing goals being sort-of achieved.

{{Hoping I said that last one very fast so no one caught that.}}

But, the best thing about it all, it makes me organized, focused and accountable. Although, it does get frustrated because the more I do, the more that needs done.

But {sigh} so goes life. Never a perfect world.


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