“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

~E. E. Cummings

..several weeks ago we had some very special company visit for a couple of days. So we came up with some ideas to entertain them and ended up having a wonderful time. And we got to experience some things that we’ve (or at least for me) have never done before.

First thing, we went to visit the CSI exhibit and the Museum of Science and History. We were given three crimes to solve and, be assured that you can sleep soundly now, we solved all three. The streets of North Texas are safe again.

It was strange because on the first crime scene, you miss a lot of clues because you aren’t trained what to look for.

As you move along to each station – blood spatters, fingerprints, guns and trajectories, and even how figure out how long a body has been dead according to the life cycle of a blow fly (that was the only ick factor for me), then at the next crime scene, you get better at what to look for. Then you take your findings to ‘Grissom’ and solve the crime and he gives you the thumbs up if you are correct.

Here are just a few of the pics we took.

CSI exhibit

The spring weather was absolutely beautiful so we decided to something that I had tried to do once, but was not so successful.

Yep, that’s me. On a horse. On a BIG horse.

Even though I live in Texas, the only time I’d ever tried to ride, the horse 1) kept trying to bite me and 2) kept trying to run into a fence and knock me off – which he/she/it nearly succeeded. So, I got off and never tried again.

But not to be a partypooper, I became determined to try again. This time I would show the horse who was the boss.

Princess was wonderful and a perfect lady on the hour and half trail ride and she let me think I was in control the whole time, but only she and I knew the real story.

Next on the agenda was a comedy club that featured a hypnotist. I had never been to a comedy club before and have never seen a hypnotist perform so I was anxious to see how it all worked. He was very good and very funny and very entertaining. I had always swore I would NEVER let anyone hypnotize me because of a deep rooted fear of being made to cluck like a chicken or share any secrets I didn’t want well…shared.

But when he asked for volunteers to come on the stage, my butt left the chair and my feet climbed the stairs. To this day, I don’t know how that happened. (I’d only had ONE glass of white zin. I promise.) Next thing I knew we (all the volunteers) was being told to physically relax, stare at a clear crystal ball he held in his hands, and to empty our minds the best we could.

Now, if you knew me as my loved ones know me, relaxing my body and my mind is next to impossible. Both are constantly on the move. So, to make a long story short – I was kicked off the stage because I was one of the few who could not be hypnotized.

Probably better that way. He didn’t promise not to make us bark like a dog.

For the rest of the weekend, we ate out, cooked out, and generally just enjoyed everyone’s company.

It was a wonderful few days and so sorry to see everyone leave. But now I know: 1) I can look at a crime scene with a whole different perspective, 2) I CAN ride a horse, and 3) I CANNOT be hypnotized.


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