This year, Fall must’ve snuck through when I was doing something else. Yesterday it was in the high 70′s, humid and sunny. By tonight, it will be in the low 30′s. Will definitely be good to freeze these allergies making everyone miserable. BUT I MISSED FALL!

Can you believe we have our 27th tropical storm forming as we speak? Gamma. That’s the name. We have exhausted the English alphabet so now working on the Greek. I just read Sidney Sheldon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark and he tells of world powers that have, in real life, created and patented machines to mess with the weather. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me, but, who knows, stranger things have happened. Look at this year alone.

Check Mik’s new blog look. Upbeat, trendy, bright – it really rocks. And thanks to her for helping me with my new look. I have learned a lot under her patient teachings and owe her some serious Starbucks :coffee: She also has a poem, Clarity, published Monday with Circadian Poems. Very emotional and full of angst. If you can make the reader feel – whether it be sadness, anger, hope or hopelessness, joy, etc. – then you have done your job. Well done, Mik!

Proud of Dennie’s hard work and devotion to NaNo! She will definitely be listed under the winner’s page! You go, girlfriend!

On a very sad note, one of my coworker’s husband had suffered a cough that wouldn’t go away with three rounds of antibiotics so the doctor did a chest x-ray. Noting a small shadow that shouldn’t be there, an MRI was ordered and from that they found cancer. In his lungs, pancreas, liver, bones, just about everywhere but his brain. My heart and prayers go to him and the family. He is only 30 years old and given six months to live.

Makes you realize you have a lot to be thankful for.

Speaking of thankful, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Where did this year go??? Christmas is, ohmygosh, right around the corner! My son text messaged me at work yesterday to inform me that the radio station, 103.7, is already playing continuous Christmas music. I refuse to listen until after the Macy’s Day Parade! I refuse!

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2 Responses to “ramblings, ramblings…”

Mik Says:

Thanks for the props. Your new blog looks really good too! :thumbsup:

And your friend – only 30 and dying of cancer. And I thought *I* was running out of time…bless his heart. I’ll be thinking of him and his family.

Dennie Says:

I am so sorry to hear about your friends – thoughts and prayers to them

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