Inspired by the above new song by Country singer :cowboy: Bobby Pinson , here is my list:

1. …don’t drive up a steep hill with a new refrigerator loaded in the back of your pickup and forget to tie it down.

2. …don’t hold your keys and the trash in the same hand as you head to the garbage can.

3. …don’t put your purse, your extra set of keys, your cell phone, and your dog in the front seat of the car with the motor running and the windows rolled up and step back in the house for something.

4. …don’t take a drink on a Disneyworld ride and not think it won’t show up on the picture they post on the outside.

5. …don’t fish off the front of a boat in case the driver decides to back it up.

6. …don’t think airlines won’t notice that you are over the luggage weight limit.

7. …don’t slide down a 6 story vertical water slide on a dare. Trust me on this one…just don’t.

8. …don’t win $400.00 on a slot machine and put it all back in.

9. …don’t drool all over a country western star’s hand telling him you have ‘all’ his CD’s when he only has one.

10. ..don’t blog anything you don’t want your husband to read.

Have any you would like to share?


Loved Lost last night. There is something magical to me when a writer can take a character I don’t care for, even so much as to hate, and make you sympathetic to them. They did it with Shannon and now with Ana Lucia. Now that we’re all caught up with the other side of the island, I hope the plot moves a little faster. And nothing better happen to either Sawyer or Syed!

Other News

Got an acceptance back on my short story I submitted to The Scruffy Dog Review. Really rocks to have that waiting in my inbox when I got home yesterday. They are asking for a few revisions and will definitely work on them this weekend.

Get to see our grandtwins this weekend. Hate the five and half hour drive though. This will be the first time we have been there since hurricane Rita hit so it will be interesting to see what has changed.

LOVE this cold weather. But ask me if I still do come March. Still trying to find the codes to put the local weather on my sidebar.

Have a great weekend in case I don’t get to blog until I get back!


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5 Responses to “‘Don’t ask me how I know…’”

Dennie Says:

WOOHOO :banana:

You go girl! :thumbsup:

Mik Says:

Congrats on the acceptance! I can’t think of anything (yet) to add to the list of don’ts…lol Have a great weekend!

Dennie Says:

I know, I know … don’t sell yourself short – ha – there’s a great one for you! :yes:

Cece Says:

I have done #2 and it was an empty dumpster :sealed: I’m coming back for your cowboy smiley! :cowboy:

Sandy Says:

Dennie: You are so funny! Always makes me laugh!

Mik: Thanks! Hope you have a better weekend!

CeCe: Isn’t he the cutest thing? He’s yours for the taking!

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