“A window of opportunity won’t open itself.”

~Dave Weinbaum

…saturday was my Yellow Rose chapter meeting and our guest speaker this month was Leanna Ellis. Leanna turned out to be wonderful and funny and smart and talented and so easy to get to know. I even broke down and went to lunch with the group and really enjoyed visiting with her! I bought her book ‘Elvis Takes a Back Seat’ and just the title made me smile so I can’t wait to dive into the first chapter. Leanna writes quirky women’s fiction and was a true joy to get to know. Check her out on her website at www.leannaellis.com (and no, Leanne didn’t pay me for the plug)

After the meeting and a lunch of blackened talapia (Yum!) and even bringing home some grilled pork chops for GW (see, Babe, always thinking about ya!) we ran to Home Depot for gardening supplies, light bulbs, and found some cool wrought iron planters that have legs on them which keeps the flower pots from leaving those unsightly stains on the patio (this post is starting to resemble an ongoing commercial today), and then on to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a few supplies.

I ‘heart’ BB&B! It is so much fun to go in there and pick up such neat kitchen, bath, and organizational items (there I go again). Our house is fairly organized, but always looking for better ways to store things so when GW asks where I put something, I can give him that puzzled look that says ‘um, hold on, I know I put that somewhere. Somewhere in a special place…’

By then the talapia and pork chops had worn off so we tried a place that Queenbee Brenda told us about. It was this small, 3 story pizza place located in the downtown square. All the way to the top floor we went where they have an ice bar which was the first time I’ve ever even heard of one much less seen one. Here’s a picture of it I pilfered off their website.

Pretty cool, huh? Pizza was okay, although they were kind of stingy with the ingredients. BUT, the cheese on the pizza is buffalo mozzarella all the way from Italy and it rocked! Me, who likes my pizza swimming in the red sauce, thought the cheese was the best part of the pizza. Totally worth it!

A few doors down on the square we slipped into this pretty little gift shop. Had tons of items that you don’t see just anywhere. We found something really unique we bought for the house. Just not sure where it looks best yet. Decisions, decisions.

Have a great weekend!


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2 Responses to “pizza on roof…”

Michelle Says:

See? It didn’t kill you to be separated from him for that long. And it’s HEALTHY and you should do it more often because you had a good time with your GIRLFRIENDS. It’s good for the relationship. Trust me – this I know. :)

Brenda Says:

Hmmm, I guess the restaurant figures by the time you’ve had a few drinks, you won’t notice the lack of ingredients on your pizza. However in Italy, there are no extra ingredient pizzas like we have here. You either get one with cheese or cheese & basil. That’s it. The last one is Margharita Pizza named after a former princess who was pretty much the Lady Diana of her day.

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