I forgot how two year olds can fight. Over identical toys. They look the same, act the same, sound the same, move the same (the toys not the twins) and yet there must be a minute difference that can only be seen when you are less than three feet high. I played referee all weekend long. But I am still smarter than they are and when I hear “Colby haf’ it first” I know it probably means that Brady was playing with it and Colby can’t find his and wants Brady’s. Or vice versa. So then NaNa spends the next fifteen minutes looking for Colby’s. Or Brady’s. But that is the joy of being a Nana. Plus you can go home after the weekend is over.

I am so off work the rest of the week! Looking forward to Thanksgiving at J & M’s and having the rest of the weekend off. Am planning on doing some serious writing. Plus the girls with our RWA chapter are going to try and get together and go see Pride and Prejudice. You know, I am ashamed to say I have never read the book. Bad Sandy.

So excited that CeCe’s new book is out tonight. Check out the cover. It is so hot! Got my copy already!


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3 Responses to “Home again, home again!”

Sandy S Says:

Hey do we ever grow out of the two year stage? I’m mean really don’t the toys just get a little pricier?:wink:

Dennie Says:

So glad you’re home -I’d ask you out to lunch but wouldn’t you two of the the four are sick – always the minute they get a break from shcool whamoo – better this week then last (maybe I can get out of seeing the inlaws! :yes: )

You wanna come refferee at my house – trust me – it only gets more imaginative – the four yo has learned to lie! :cowboy: – just like the smiley

P&P – can’t wait! (and I’ve never read it either – but I have the Colin Firth A&E version – love him!)

Cece Says:

>>Got my copy already!

Aww thanks doll!

As to the twins I think you’re right. Our toys just get more expensive :angel:

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