You Should Learn Swedish

Fantastisk! You’re laid back about learning a language – and about life in general.
Peaceful, beautiful Sweden is ideal for you… And you won’t even have to speak perfect Swedish to get around!

Not so laid back today…

Had a scary moment for awhile. Yesterday at work, I felt a ‘pop’ in my left eye and then all I could see was bright lights. It lasted about ten minutes and then totally went away. I forgot all about it, but since I was seeing the doctor this afternoon about something totally unrelated, I happened to remember and mention it. Immediately, they got on the phone and made me an appointment to see an opthamologist wanting to rule out a detached retina.

Wow! THAT never even crossed my mind. But as I traveled the short distance to the other office, visions of surgery danced in my head. I don’t have time for surgery. I have so many things I need to do BEFORE Christmas and it is going to take every bit of the month of December to do it. Surgery is not included in my plans for December.

Two things I found out at the opthamologist office. 1) it wasn’t a detached retina (thank the good Lord), but something called ocular migraines. (Never heard of ‘em.) and 2) I HATE having my eyes dilated!

Not. Fun. At. All!

Especially when the sun is shining at about a bazillion megawatts.
Especially when I have to drive myself home. :bugeyes:
Especially when I still had to pick the dog up from the vet, the laundry from the dry cleaners, and groceries from the store.

But not having a detached retina is one more thing I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

If you want a good laugh (or have daughters and need some useful information) read Jill Shalvis blog today!


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3 Responses to “What Language Should I Learn?”

Dennie Says:

When I had my eye troubles – I had mine dialated seven or eight times (this was over the course of two months :bugeyes: ) – I know exactlly what you mean and I had to drive home myself a couple of those times – and hence the chocolate shake stain on the carpet – couldn’t see it when mini-me poked his straw through the Sonic cup.

I am so glad you are okay!! :yes:

Have a super Holiday! :wave:

Sandy Says:

Seven or eight times???? OMG! I couldn’t stand it! The good thing about yesterday is I didn’t know what they were doing, but now I KNOW! Uh, uh! Not me. No more! :no::???:

Um, I better go check out my carpet. I was drinking a coke.

You have a great holiday also. Hope to see you at P&P!

Mik Says:

WOW.. glad you are okay! And HEEEY look at you with your weather all on your blog. ;) You go! :typing:

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