“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else.”

~Will Rogers

GW: Hey, Babe, we just landed. Don’t know which gate we’ll be at so I’ll call you as soon as I know.

Me (looking up airport address on the internet and plugging it in the GPS): Okay. I’m at Geri’s which is not far. Won’t take long.

GW (5 minutes later): Hey, Babe, here’s the gate number.

Me: (following the GPS instructions) Okay, I’m only about 15 minutes away. Will meet you at the baggage claim.

GW (15 minutes later): Babe? Where are you? I’m waiting in baggage area.

Me (as I notice the airport is behind me but GPS telling me I’m going the right way): Um, I’m on my way. Will be there soon.

GW (5 minutes later): Babe? You okay? Don’t worry about parking and getting out. I’m waiting out front now.

Me (traveling down an empty side road with airport still behind me. FAR behind me. MILES behind me): Um, sure. I’m fine. Just ran into a bit of traffic.

GW (10 minutes later): Babe? What’s happening? Think you’ll make it here sometime tonight?

Me (arriving at an empty field. Nothing but weeds and dirt. Planes flying low above me. GPS keeps repeating I’m at my destination): Um, Sweetie, almost there.

GW (10 minutes later): Babe? Where are you? I’m waiting in the one hour parking garage now. Waiting.

Me (sweat rolling down the back of my shirt as I try to find my way to the airport by following the landing planes. GPS turned off after third annoying ‘turn around, you’re going the wrong way.’ ): I see the airport. I’m sure I’ll be there any second.

GW (15 minutes later as looks at me with that all knowing look): You got lost didn’t you?

Me (looking innocent): What? Of course not! Why would you even think that? Sheesh! Givemesomecredit….OKAY! OKAY! I got lost!

GW: Why didn’t you use the GPS? That’s why I bought it for you. All you had to do was turn it on, look up airports on it and click on the one you want and it automatically pops the directions right into it.

Me (banging my head on the steering wheel): You mean you don’t even have to look up the address and plug the address in?

GW (shaking his head): No, Babe, you never want to do that with an airport. That way will just get you lost.


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One Response to “GPS, airports, and behrs, Oh MY!”

Kathy Says:

OMG!!! I am still laughing, and I read this 30 minutes ago!! Poor Mr. B. You know mom would have picked you up.

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