1. Finding empty wrappers in the candy dish and no one will own up to it. I. Will. Find. Out. Who. You. Are.
2. Light turns green and nothing happens. Green light means move it, move it, move it!
3. Grocery carts left in the middle of the parking lot. Wind come along…dings, dents and scratches on your car. Worse – on my car!
4. A car speeding up as you try to pass it. If you would have done that earlier, I wouldn’t be passing you!
5. The phone rings and no one is there. Why waste yours and my time?
6. Rude people. Life is not all about you!
7. People who believe they are the only ones that do anything right. My evil twin loves it when you screw up.
8. Hitting every red light when I am in a hurry, but it’s all green when I drop my cell phone on the floorboard. Need I say more?
9. Slow moving lines. I need a t-shirt that says ‘Don’t get behind me, I am always in the wrong line.
10. Narrow minded people. Give it a chance, will ya?


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2 Responses to “Things that makes me nuts!”

Mik Says:

:rotfl: I am SO #8! haha

Dennie Says:

Aw – hun – smile


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