“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.”

~W.C. Fields

Last week, GW and I were invited to attend a private dinner party for twelve hosted by the world renown chef Kent Rathbun.

At his private residence, no less. (Probably just one of his many if the truth be known, LOL).

But Wow!

What. A. Night!

Owner of the fabulous five star restaurant, Abacus, and Jasper’s “Gourmet Backyard Cuisine”, winner of The Iron Chef, and way too many accolades, accomplishments, and awards to mention here, he has created an outstanding culinary legacy all over the world.

And he is a pretty durn nice guy also!

We traveled via limo to Abacus where we met Kent and sat with him at reserved tables drinking cocktails and sampling his famous and signature ‘lobster shooters’ followed by chicken empanadas. Never had a lobster shooter before, but will definitely try them again. Think lobster ball cooked with some kind of sauce. Think shooters. Delish!

Back in the limo and off to his condo where we mingled on his humongous outdoor sitting area overlooking downtown Dallas. White wine flowed and servings of different kinds of sushi was served.

Sushi? you ask. Don’t like it? you say. Well you would this. GW and I both tried the salmon ones and the tuna and avocado ones and it rocked! We thought we were not fans of sushi, either. Silly us.

Next, we were escorted into the dining area and served a special recipe of salad, the most tender, tasty filet mignon this side of the universe, the best mashed potatoes we have ever eaten (even GW scarfed them down and he HATES mashed potatoes. I so wish I could get my hands on that recipe), seasonal veggies of various sorts, and then a dessert that literally melted in your mouth.

Unfortunately, I am not able to do the meal justice with my descriptions. But it truly was to die for.

And I cannot say enough nice things about Kent Rathbun. Besides being extremely supportive of the arts and other charities, he is nice, he is funny, he is sweet, and, judging by the wonderful five star meal he rustled up for us, he is definitely deserving of the national recognition as a chef who defines innovation in the world of fine dining.

I plan on visiting both his restaurants in the near future. Soon.


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