Sandy's love for reading started with the complete collection of Nancy Drew books she received on her seventh birthday.  After reading each one, she started on The Hardy Boys and Trixie Belden series and by the time she was nine, she had completed her own manuscript of a young girl and boy on a search for a stolen book in the desert.  Complete with trap doors to secret places and talking camels, it was her first attempt at a genre today called 'paranormal'. Of course, it was only ninety pages long and contained no romance, but it whetted her appetite for writing.

      After raising a family and a career in nursing, Sandy started writing seriously for publication just a few years ago.  Believing the world a magical place, she writes contemporary romance that includes myths, legends, and guardians of secret treasures.

      Sandy belongs to Romance Writers of America, and the local chapters Yellow Rose Romance Writers where she has served as president and secretary, and secretary to Trinity Writers Workshop. She also belongs to the online RWA chapters Hearts Through History and Kiss Of Death.  

     Reading is a passion followed closely by scrapbooking.

      She and her husband and two of her four sons reside in Texas with a very fat dachsund, Misty.




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