Legend of the ShadowWarriors



     Forced to walk the earth as immortals, four Scottish ex-Knights      Templars seek lost relics to break the curse.  After 700 years they      find their first clue...and the irresistible lure of love.

Book One:  The Relic

    Enraged and saddened at the demise of their once powerful Order, Terrick MacKay agrees to the last request of the Grand Master - keep the secret treasures of the Templars safe.  Bested by thieves before the chance to fulfill their duty, he and his men are condemned to walk the earth until they regain possession of what they had been entrusted with. Centuries pass before Terrick discovers the first clue from a green eyed thief who could help him regain his honor... but possibly steal his heart.

    Raised on archeological sites all over the world, Abbie St. Clair has a passion for ancient artifacts.  She discovers priceless items illegally being sold to unscrupulous collectors.  Her strong sense of justice won’t allow her to do anything but steal them back. When an artifact is missing from her murdered father's last dig, she discovers a conspiracy that dates back to the Middle Ages and the only one who can help her is a dark, sexy stranger... who claims to have been there.

 Book Two:  The Return

     Aidan Brodie's future lies in the past.

Book Three:  The Rebel

    Cade McDonnell's story - Coming Soon.

Book Four:  The Recovery   

    Declan Sinclair's story - Coming Soon



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