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Miscellaneous Links of Interest:  

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends - Wonderful archive of History and Historical resources

Deb's Historical Research Page - Fabulous research links for just about everything

The National Archives - Tons of Historical Research available online

Your Dictionary - 1800 dictionaries in 250 languages including a thesaurus and translator

Expert List - Have questions for an expert?  Here is a list that might help

Historical Cheat Sheet - Fantastic sites with tons of links

Etymology Dictionary - Super dictionary of word origins

Emotional Toolbox - Get to the heart of the story




Medieval Links:

Medieval History - People, Politics, Warfare & daily life in Medieval England

Knights Templars - History & Myths of the Knights Templars

Medieval Fiefdom Website - Medieval Society, Architecture & Way of Life

Castle of Wales Site - Everything you want to know about castles in Wales

Town Life in the Middle Ages - What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages?

Medieval Atlas - Maps and Geography of Medieval Times

Crusades, Wars, and Warfare - Crusades and other wars that shaped Medieval Society



Regency Links:

Articles on the Regency Period - Regency and Post Regency Period

Jo Beverly's Regency Resource Site - Wonderful resources on the Regency Period



Wild, Wild West Links:

History of the American West - Photographic History of the American West

West Web: Western History Resource - A study of the American West

The American West - Development and History of the American West






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